What Are Cross Country Mountain Bike Race

This Weekened UCI mountain bike world cup started in canada. The competition will be hosted by mont sainte anne trails. Two kinds of race will take place downhill and cross country.

Cross Country

Some of our readers have always asked us what is cross country race. The cross country mountain bike racing was introduced in the late 1996 and soon became famous. The racing became so much popular that it was added in Olympics. Special types of mountain bikes were used in racing specially with shock absorbers so that it can sustain the shock attained due to high altitude jumps.


Terrains of cross country racing can be difficult and at the same time easy specially those in summer olympics racing contains one of toughest terrains to come through. There can be jungles or mountain which often been challenging to even most experience bikers.

Mountain Bikes

Since riders have to ride from the top to bottom so they often have to face upside and sometimes downside terrain so most bikers prefers lightest models. There are many instance when riders doesn’t wear full helmet but i believe they should not take it lightly as its a fact that cross country bikers face more injury then normal road bikers but injuries are common in any sport.

Types of racing

Races are usually of three types i will try to explain each one of them

cross country marathon (XCM)

As in running marathon race are high endurance race which are common to go upto 100km. Some people doen’t participate to win in this race because completing the race is somewhat an achievement in itself by the way it’s not easy to complete a race which is 100km long.

Olympic (XCO)

This form of racing has been on Olympics bikers have to complete certain number of laps like in any type of racing and who completes all the laps firstly will be become the winner.


This one i love personally elimination as the name gives you any idea the bikers have to race to finish and those two riders who reaches at the least get eliminated so at the end there only three riders left who are awarded as first, second and the third.





Cycle Race In A Cycling Banned Town Britan

A Four days of Britain cycle tour is going to held in Mansfield starting at September 3 and its already creating headlines in the news not due to the race but the town which is hosting the race. Mansfield district council which have imposed a ban on cycling use to ban people from cycling the move which was taken to stop some anti social activity.

Racers such as Mark cavendish and james gullen will be seen taken part in the Britain cycling tour the track of the race will go through Nottinghamshire market town what’s funny in the whole scenario is that if it was a normal day and if they ride the cycling in the same town this will be seen as breaking the law.

So this race is literally a illegal race but what more surprising is that the council which has banned the cycling is supported this race. The mayor Kate Allsop said the ban is for the safety of the pedestrian but that does’t mean they would not allow this race to happen because this will be shameful for the Mansfield council. There going to be 100 cyclist take part in the race.

Some Facts About The Ban

The cycling ban came at august 1 when some cyclist were been seen as speeding on the pedestrian area to tackle this problem MDC introduce PSPO which states that riding cycle in this area will be seen as criminal offence cycling group Cycling Uk has been critisised this move and said that if problem was due to few people who are cycling innappropiately they should take action on them banning cyling was not a option now such ban will affect those with disablity which for some reason can’t drive a cars use cycle as a means of transport. Cycling UK with there Cyling Defence Fund (CDC) are going to take legal battle against the council and challenge there stand on their cycling ban currently the group has also shown support toward six cyclist who are fighting legal war against the ban.

I also believe this should be lifted and it’s a 24 hours ban and fine can be from £100 as much as £1,000 the legislator also covers ban on spitting, smoking in children area and if you have a dog you need to carry a dog poo bag and carry poo of your dog if you are said so.



Top-class and Affordable Mountain Bikes under 500$

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, it’s possible now to discover a reasonable mountain bike that serve all your purposes and fulfill all your riding and lifestyle needs. Despite brand and price, one of the major considerations while seeking a best mountain bike is whether to pick full suspension or hardtail bike. Different from full suspension bikes, hardtails mountain bikes are instinctively easier because they do not have rear shocks or pivots. Usually, Hardtails mountain bikes tire out as quickly as full suspension mountain bikes, plus they are usually less expensive because there are not so many parts. Hardtail kinds of mountain bikes are generally lightweight and it’s a fun experience to ride them on the trails. On the other hand, Full suspension bikes have several perks, comprising better handling because of their improved absorption and rear suspension on trails. There are some mountain bikes under 500$ that you can consider if you have limited budget. Let’s have a look at some popular picks under this range.

Diamondback Overdrive 29-Hardtail

This bike is a beginners’ bike with reasonable price range and loads of amazing features. This bike is made to fulfill different requirements related to biking, whether you are employing it for traveling, fun rides or trail rides. The bike is made of strong hand-made aluminum-alloy frame along with lightweight as well as powerful tubing.  Though, don’t be cheated by its frivolous structure, because the frame is very tough and can simply hitch to the requirements of rocky mountain trails. Its Shimano drivetrain makes sure longevity and smooth shifting. The bike also features better stopping power and better control because of Tektro disc brakes.


  • Beginners’ bike
  • Resilient aluminum alloy frame
  • Shimano components


  • Assembly instructions could be enhanced
  • Prickly seat
  • Noisy derailleurs


Schwinn Men’s High-Timber 27.5” Bike

This versatile bike is best for rides on different kinds of surfaces. You can choose this bike on for your local trails and local bike routes or just use it for doing everyday jobs around city.


This bike is made up from Shimano parts like efficient and quick gear changes, a rear derailleur, plus 21-speed twist shifters. This bike is available with a better mountain bike frame additional strength. Some other interesting features consist of alloy brakes and alloy wheels to aid you stop rapidly when you want to. A three-piece alloy eccentric makes sure a broad gear range. This bike has medium-size frame plus 27.5” wheels.


  • Shimano parts
  • Better mountain-bike frame
  • Strong Schwinn suspension fork


  • Assembly can be difficult
  • Many riders have found its seat uncomfortable
  1. Mongoose-Impasse Dual-Full Suspension Bike

The aluminum suspension frame of this bike makes sure performance and comfort, even when you are riding this bike on rocky surfaces. This bike is available in Element suspension-fork to aid keeping rider in control while keeping jostles and bumps to a minimum. 21-speed Shimano rear-derailleur is another interesting feature of this bike that will not pause when changing gears. This bike is made of alloy rear and front disc brakes, with a fast release front for more ease.


  • Element-suspension fork
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Aluminum frame


  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Shocks could be superior
  • Short kickstand
  1. Kent-Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Bike

This bike has 26” wheels and a strong aluminum frame which can resist off-road weight. This mountain bike is also available with rear and front disc brakes for better stopping power. Some other features consist of rear derailleur and 21” speed Shimano shifter.  Also, there is an aluminum wheelset and alloy rims. This bike is perfect for bike lovers who are looking for a reasonable 26” mountain bike.


  • Shimano parts
  • 26” wheels
  • Made for men


  • Don’t have breakaway hangers
  • Some plastic parts seem cheap
  • A bit heavy
  1. Merax 26-inch Dual-Disc Brakes

A mountain bike suspension fork ensures a smooth ride, even over rough terrain. This bike also comes with dual disc brakes for more control and stopping power, especially on downhills. Dual aluminum rims provide a durable ride without sacrificing performance. This Merax bike is available in several colors and features a 330 pound weight capacity. This bike is perfect for riders who need a budget-friendly plus practical beginner bike.


  • Dual aluminum edges
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Mountain bike suspension-fork


  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Needs some tuning and assembly
  • More serious bike riders may wish to reinstate some of the stock-parts
  1. Schwinn-Protocol-1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Bike

This amazing bike has 26” wheels and dual-suspension frame. This bike is specifically made for riding sporadic downhills and single track. Some other features consist of particular mountain bike handlebars for better comfort and faster shifting with top quality alloy rims with black-bladed spokes. This mountain bike contains Shimano trigger shifters and 24 speeds. Front disc brakes of this bike allow quick stops when required. This bike is perfect for riders who need a bike for sporadic downhills and single track.


  • Mountain-bike handlebars
  • Dual-suspension frame
  • 26” wheels


  • Setup instructions are not very useful
  • Best for sporty trail riding

Final verdict

In summary, all we want to tell you is that remember that choosing the best mountain bike depends on your preference. Please note that there are various makers in the market who produce best quality mountain bikes that will simply fit in your budget plus give you satisfaction and value to your choices and tastes. You will find that some mountain bikes under 500$ that have mentioned above will remain for minimum fifteen years whereas just changing and upgrading some bike features. For making the best buying decision, you need to ensure that you know your biking experience. According to your height and age as a rider, make sure that your purpose of riding on any terrain or surfaces will get fulfilled. If you know these truths, you will certainly find the best and reasonable mountain bike.